Harmony LSA (10)
Date: 19 Jul 2010

SportStar MAX (18)
Date: 19 Jul 2010

SportStar RTC (3)
Date: 19 Jul 2010

The Evektor range of aircraft

There's bound to be an aircraft in the range for you! Currently we import these four aircraft;

  1. Harmony LSA. This is the latest aircraft in the Evektor range. As its name suggests, it is a Light Sport Aircraft and while superficially resembling the older SportStar models, it has a different swept wing and stabiliser and a host of other differences under the skin. However, it still retains the huge cabin, easy maintenance and great handling which are characteristics common to all Evektor aircraft.

  2. SportStar RTC. The RTC is a fully GA EASA Part 21 certified version of the aircraft. It is built primarily for flying training schools who have a need foir a fully certified trainer. Ease of handling and maintenance, and a huge cabin with all the other SportStar traits are there in the RTC.

  3. VUT100 Cobra. The Cobra is a certified 4-seat GA aircraft with retractable landing gear. It is designed primarily as a fast executive transport.

  4. EV55 Outback - within a couple of years, Evektor will begin production of the twin turbine 9-seat EV55. This aircraft is designed with 2-engine safety in mind as well as adaptability to numerous roles - short-haul passenger operations, cargo, even medical services. Due for release in 2014-15 the EV55 prototype is currently undergoing testing.


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